message – Tools for creating messages to be sent to MongoDB

Tools for creating messages to be sent to MongoDB.


This module is for internal use and is generally not needed by application developers.

pymongo.message.delete(collection_name, spec, safe, last_error_args, opts, flags=0, ctx=None)

Get a delete message.

opts is a CodecOptions. flags is a bit vector that may contain the SingleRemove flag or not:

pymongo.message.get_more(collection_name, num_to_return, cursor_id, ctx=None)

Get a getMore message.

pymongo.message.insert(collection_name, docs, check_keys, safe, last_error_args, continue_on_error, opts, ctx=None)

Get an insert message.


Get a killCursors message.

pymongo.message.query(options, collection_name, num_to_skip, num_to_return, query, field_selector, opts, check_keys=False, ctx=None)

Get a query message.

pymongo.message.update(collection_name, upsert, multi, spec, doc, safe, last_error_args, check_keys, opts, ctx=None)

Get an update message.