PyMongo 3.6.1 Documentation


PyMongo is a Python distribution containing tools for working with MongoDB, and is the recommended way to work with MongoDB from Python. This documentation attempts to explain everything you need to know to use PyMongo.

Installing / Upgrading
Instructions on how to get the distribution.
Start here for a quick overview.
Examples of how to perform specific tasks.
Using PyMongo with MongoDB Atlas
Using PyMongo with MongoDB Atlas.
TLS/SSL and PyMongo
Using PyMongo with TLS / SSL.
Frequently Asked Questions
Some questions that come up often.
PyMongo 3 Migration Guide
A PyMongo 2.x to 3.x migration guide.
Python 3 FAQ
Frequently asked questions about python 3 support.
Compatibility Policy
Explanation of deprecations, and how to keep pace with changes in PyMongo’s API.
API Documentation
The complete API documentation, organized by module.
A listing of Python tools and libraries that have been written for MongoDB.
Developer Guide
Developer guide for contributors to PyMongo.

Getting Help

If you’re having trouble or have questions about PyMongo, the best place to ask is the MongoDB user group. Once you get an answer, it’d be great if you could work it back into this documentation and contribute!


All issues should be reported (and can be tracked / voted for / commented on) at the main MongoDB JIRA bug tracker, in the “Python Driver” project.


PyMongo has a large community and contributions are always encouraged. Contributions can be as simple as minor tweaks to this documentation. To contribute, fork the project on github and send a pull request.


See the Changelog for a full list of changes to PyMongo. For older versions of the documentation please see the archive list.

About This Documentation

This documentation is generated using the Sphinx documentation generator. The source files for the documentation are located in the doc/ directory of the PyMongo distribution. To generate the docs locally run the following command from the root directory of the PyMongo source:

$ python doc

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