client_options – Read only configuration options for a MongoClient.

Tools to parse mongo client options.

class pymongo.client_options.ClientOptions

Read only configuration options for a MongoClient.

Should not be instantiated directly by application developers. Access a client’s options via pymongo.mongo_client.MongoClient.options instead.

property auto_encryption_opts

A AutoEncryptionOpts or None.

property codec_options

A CodecOptions instance.

property connect

Whether to begin discovering a MongoDB topology automatically.

property direct_connection

Whether to connect to the deployment in ‘Single’ topology.

property event_listeners

The event listeners registered for this client.

See monitoring for details.

New in version 4.0.

property heartbeat_frequency

The monitoring frequency in seconds.

property load_balanced

True if the client was configured to connect to a load balancer.

property local_threshold_ms

The local threshold for this instance.

property pool_options

A PoolOptions instance.

property read_concern

A ReadConcern instance.

property read_preference

A read preference instance.

property replica_set_name

Replica set name or None.

property retry_reads

If this instance should retry supported read operations.

property retry_writes

If this instance should retry supported write operations.

property server_selection_timeout

The server selection timeout for this instance in seconds.

property timeout: Optional[float]

The configured timeoutMS converted to seconds, or None.

..versionadded: 4.2

property write_concern

A WriteConcern instance.