collation – Tools for working with collations.

Tools for working with collations.

class pymongo.collation.Collation(locale: str, caseLevel: Optional[bool] = None, caseFirst: Optional[str] = None, strength: Optional[int] = None, numericOrdering: Optional[bool] = None, alternate: Optional[str] = None, maxVariable: Optional[str] = None, normalization: Optional[bool] = None, backwards: Optional[bool] = None, **kwargs: Any)
  • locale: (string) The locale of the collation. This should be a string that identifies an ICU locale ID exactly. For example, en_US is valid, but en_us and en-US are not. Consult the MongoDB documentation for a list of supported locales.

  • caseLevel: (optional) If True, turn on case sensitivity if strength is 1 or 2 (case sensitivity is implied if strength is greater than 2). Defaults to False.

  • caseFirst: (optional) Specify that either uppercase or lowercase characters take precedence. Must be one of the following values:

  • strength: (optional) Specify the comparison strength. This is also known as the ICU comparison level. This must be one of the following values:

    Each successive level builds upon the previous. For example, a strength of SECONDARY differentiates characters based both on the unadorned base character and its accents.

  • numericOrdering: (optional) If True, order numbers numerically instead of in collation order (defaults to False).

  • alternate: (optional) Specify whether spaces and punctuation are considered base characters. This must be one of the following values:

  • maxVariable: (optional) When alternate is SHIFTED, this option specifies what characters may be ignored. This must be one of the following values:

  • normalization: (optional) If True, normalizes text into Unicode NFD. Defaults to False.

  • backwards: (optional) If True, accents on characters are considered from the back of the word to the front, as it is done in some French dictionary ordering traditions. Defaults to False.

  • kwargs: (optional) Keyword arguments supplying any additional options to be sent with this Collation object.

class pymongo.collation.CollationStrength

An enum that defines values for strength on a Collation.


Differentiate base (unadorned) characters.


Differentiate character accents.


Differentiate character case.


Differentiate words with and without punctuation.


Differentiate unicode code point (characters are exactly identical).

class pymongo.collation.CollationAlternate

An enum that defines values for alternate on a Collation.

NON_IGNORABLE = 'non-ignorable'

Spaces and punctuation are treated as base characters.

SHIFTED = 'shifted'

Spaces and punctuation are not considered base characters.

Spaces and punctuation are distinguished regardless when the Collation strength is at least QUATERNARY.

class pymongo.collation.CollationCaseFirst

An enum that defines values for case_first on a Collation.

UPPER = 'upper'

Sort uppercase characters first.

LOWER = 'lower'

Sort lowercase characters first.

OFF = 'off'

Default for locale or collation strength.

class pymongo.collation.CollationMaxVariable

An enum that defines values for max_variable on a Collation.

PUNCT = 'punct'

Both punctuation and spaces are ignored.

SPACE = 'space'

Spaces alone are ignored.